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Learning and Development of Human Resource Management Essay

Learning and Development of Human Resource Management - Essay ExampleAs employees make day-to-day decisions, it is very important that the decisions they will make are based on the Disney’s principles. The company’s principles are a vital inclusion to the induction program for the new recruit, as he or she will also need to make decisions in the future.In order to give the new recruit an idea of his or her job’s significance to the bigger picture, the job’s place according to the organizational structure. The place of the job in fulfilment of a bigger objective, when it is shown will give significance to the individual goal a new recruit has in fulfilment of his or her own job.The company’s policies as regards health, safety and environment should be included in the induction programme. This could include the company’s policy as regards requirements for medical examinations and provisions when employees acquire illnesses.Apart from the health, rules and policies about the company’s work environment should be included.

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